Program in Computing 40

Programming for the Internet and Multimedia

  • Units: 5
  • Lecture: 3 hrs
  • Discussion: 2 hrs
  • Laboratory: 8 hrs
  • Prerequisite: PIC 10B
  • Description: HTML, the Perl language, programming for the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), other scripting languages, XML and its derivatives, programming for Multimedia.
  • Objective: To enable students to use a variety of kinds of software needed for developing and maintaining multimedia web sites.
  • Texts:
  • (required) L. Wall, T. Christiansen, R. Schwartz, "Programming Perl", 2nd. ed. (O'Reilly & Associates);
  • (optional) S. Gundavaram, "CGI Programming on the World Wide Web", O'Reilly & Associates, Cambridge, MA, 1996. [may be hard to get now], or
  • (optional) Brenner, "Introduction to CGI/Perl" [also hard to get now], or
  • (optional) new choice still to be determined

  • Possible topics:

  • Use of UNIX
  • TCP/IP
  • HTML
  • Perl language
  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • VRML (Virtual Reality)
  • MathML
  • JavaScript
  • ActiveX
  • WebObjects
  • Multimedia
  • push technology
  • PGML (point graphics)

  • Comments: The emphasis will be on the Perl language and CGI programming. This kind of programming is sophisticated and tricky. The workload will be appropriate for a 5-unit course.

    Although it is up to each department whether to count PIC 40 towards the Specialization in Computing, it will count in at least Mathematics and in Economics. Probably other departments will count it as well.

    K. Baker