The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 17, Issue 01, March 2011

  • Combinatorial dichotomies in set theory, by Stevo Todorcevic, pages 1 — 72.
  • Effective choice and boundedness principles in computable analysis, by Vasco Brattka and Guido Gherardi, pages 73 — 117.

  • Reviews, pages 118 — 126.
  • In this issue:

  • S. Todorcevic, Walks on ordinals and their characteristics, reviewed by Justin Tatch Moore, page 118.
  • C. Franks, The autonomy of mathematical knowledge: Hilbert's program revisited, reviewed by Juliette Kennedy, page 119.
  • J. Sakarovitch, Elements of automata theory, reviewed by Jean-Éric Pin, page 122.
  • S. Feferman, C. Parsons, and S. G. Simpson (editors), Kurt Gödel. Essays for his centennial, reviewed by Matthias Wille, page 124.

  • Meetings of the Association
  • 2010 North American Annual Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic , George Washington University, Washington, D.C., March 17—20, 2010, pages 127 — 154.

  • Notices, pages 155 — 160.

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