The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 16, Issue 03, September 2010

  • Relative truth definability of axiomatic truth theories, by Kentaro Fujimoto, pages 305 — 344.
  • The complexity of classification problems for models of arithmetic, by Samuel Coskey and Roman Kossak, pages 345 — 358.
  • What does it take to prove Fermat's Last Theorem? Grothendieck and the logic of number theory, by Colin McLarty, pages 359 — 377.
  • Reverse mathematics: the playground of logic, by Richard A. Shore, pages 378 — 402.

  • Reviews, pages 403 — 429.
  • In this issue:

  • Two publications of Greg Hjorth, reviewed by Howard Becker, page 403.
  • E. Grädel, Ph. Kolaitis, L. Libkin, M. Marx, J. Spencer, M. Vardi, Y. Venema, and S. Weinstein Finite model theory and its applications, reviewed by Stephan Kreutzer, page 406.
  • J. van Oosten, Realizability: an introduction to its categorical side, reviewed by Peter T. Johnstone, page 407.
  • C. Benzmüller, C. Brown, J. Siekmann, and R. Statman (eds.), Reasoning in simple type theory, reviewed by Florian Rabe, page 409.
  • J. Burgess, Philosophical logic, reviewed by Lloyd Humberstone, page 411.
  • M. Peterson, An introduction to decision theory, reviewed by Steven Robertson, page 413.
  • G. Metcalfe, N. Olivetti and D. Gabbay, Proof theory for fuzzy logics, reviewed by Bartosz Więckowski, page 415.
  • A. Doxiadis, C. Papadimitriou, A. Papadatos, and A. di Donna, Logicomix, reviewed by Paolo Mancosu, page 419.
  • The search for diamonds, reviewed by Assaf Rinot, page 420.
  • Five papers on axiomatic theories of truth, reviewed by Graham E. Leigh, page 424.
  • M. Schirn, On translating Frege's Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik, reviewed by Matthias Wille, page 428.

  • Meetings of the Association
  • 2009—2010 Winter Meeting of The Association for Symbolic Logic, Moscone Center West, San Francisco, CA, January 15—16, 2010, pages 430 — 437.
  • 2010 Winter Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, The Palmer House Hilton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, February 18—20, 2010, pages 438 — 444.

  • Meetings sponsored by the Association
  • The 2009 Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Logic, University of Melbourne, Australia, July 11—12, 2009, pages 445 — 449.

  • Notices, pages 450 — 455.
  • Erratum, pages 456 — 456.

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