The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 16, Issue 02, June 2010

  • The senses of functions in the Logic of Sense and Denotation, by Kevin C. Klement, pages 153 — 188.
  • Kleene's amazing Second Recursion Theorem, by Yiannis N. Moschovakis, pages 189 — 239.
  • Almost disjoint families and diagonalizations of length continuum, by Dilip Raghavan, pages 240 — 260.
  • An invitation to model-theoretic Galois theory, by Alice Medvedev and Ramin Takloo-Bighash, pages 261 — 269.

  • Reviews, pages 270 — 287.
  • In this issue:

  • E. Menzler-Trott, Logic's lost genius: The life of Gerhard Gentzen, reviewed by W. W. Tait, page 270.
  • N. B. Cocchiarella and M. A. Freund, Modal logic. An introduction to its syntax and semantics, reviewed by Heinrich Wansing, page 275.
  • K. Bimbó and J. M. Dunn Relational semantics of nonclassical logical calculi, reviewed by Alasdair Urquhart, page 277.
  • J. Zapletal, Forcing idealized, reviewed by Mirna Džamonja, page 278.
  • J. Harrison, Handbook of practical logic and automated reasoning, reviewed by Alwen Tiu, page 279.
  • S. Givant and P. Halmos, Introduction to Boolean algebras, reviewed by Natasha Dobrinen, page 281.
  • R. Milner, The space and motion of communicating agents, reviewed by Thomas Hildebrandt, page 282.
  • Jc Beall, Spandrels of truth, reviewed by Zach Weber, page 284.
  • G. Gabriel, K. Huelser, and S. Schlotter, Zur Miete bei Frege—Rudolf Hirzel und die Rezeption der stoischen Logik und Semantik in Jena, reviewed by Matthias Wille, page 286.

  • Meetings sponsored by the Association
  • 11th Asian Logic Conference, National University of Singapore, Singapore, June 22—27, 2009, pages 288 — 298.

  • Notices, pages 299 — 304.

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