The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 12, Issue 04, December 2006

  • Gödel’s Program revisited, Part I: the turn to phenomenology, by Kai Hauser, pages 529 — 590.

  • Communications
  • Internal consistency and the inner model hypothesis, by Sy-David Friedman, pages 591 — 600.

  • Reviews, pages 601 — 612.
  • In this issue:

  • M. Tiles, The philosophy of set theory, an historical introduction to Cantor’s paradise, reviewed by M. Randall Holmes, page 601.
  • P. Cholak (editor), The Notre Dame Lectures, reviewed by Roman Kossak, page 605.
  • W. Tait, The provenance of pure reason: essays in the philosophy of mathematics and its history, reviewed by Jeremy Avigad, page 608.
  • L. Crosilla and P. Schuster (editors), From sets and types to topology and analysis—towards practicable foundations for constructive mathematics, reviewed by Jaap van Oosten, page 611.

  • Meetings of the Association
  • 2005—06 Winter Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, San Antonio Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, January 14—15, 2006, pages 613 — 624.

  • Members of the Association, pages 625 — 681.
  • Association for Symbolic Logic, pages 682 — 686.
  • Notices, pages 687 — 690.

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