The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 12, Issue 02, June 2006

  • Classifying the provably total functions of PA, by Andreas Weiermann, pages 177 — 190.
  • Classification from a computable viewpoint, by Wesley Calvert and Julia F. Knight, pages 191 — 218.
  • Schemata: the concept of schema in the history of logic, by John Corcoran, pages 219 — 240.
  • Weak distributivity, a problem of von Neumann and the mystery of measurability, by Bohuslav Balcar and Thomas Jech, pages 241 — 266.
  • Closing the circle: an analysis of Emil Post’s early work, by Liesbeth De Mol, pages 267 — 289.

  • Reviews, pages 290 — 309.
  • In this issue:

  • J. Nolt, Logics, reviewed by Richard L. Epstein, page 290.
  • B. Hale and C. Wright, The reason’s proper study: Essays toward a neo-Fregean philosophy of mathematics, reviewed by Gabriel Uzquiano, page 291.
  • G. Priest, An introduction to non-classical logic, reviewed by Petr Hájek, page 294.
  • F. Kamareddine, T. Laan, and R. Nederpelt, A modern perspective on type theory—From its origins until today, reviewed by Marc Bezem, page 296.
  • T. Ehrhard, J.-Y. Girard, P. Ruet, and P. Scott, Linear logic in computer science, reviewed by Andrzej S. Murawski, page 297.
  • I. Neeman, The determinacy of long games, reviewed by Andrés Eduardo Caicedo, page 299.
  • D. J. Pym and E. Ritter Reductive logic and proof-search—Proof theory, semantics, and control, reviewed by Didier Galmiche, page 302.
  • M. Mitzenmacher and E. Upfal, Probability and computing: Randomized algorithms and probabilistic analysis, reviewed by Mary Cryan, page 304.
  • E. Schechter, Classical and nonclassical logic: an introduction to the mathematics of propositions, reviewed by Roger D. Maddux, page 308.

  • Meetings of the Association
  • 2005 Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, Logic Colloquium ’05, Athens, Greece, July 28—August 3, 2005, pages 310 — 361.

  • Notices, pages 362 — 366.

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