The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 11, Issue 04, December 2005

  • Algebraic logic, where does it stand today? by Tarek Sayed Ahmed, pages 465—516.

  • Communications
  • Geometric cardinal invariants, maximal functions and a measure theoretic pigeonhole principle, by Juris Steprāns, pages 517—525.
  • Reverse mathematics and Π 12 comprehension, by Carl Mummert and Stephen G. Simpson, pages 526—533.

  • Reviews, pages 534—544.
  • In this issue:

  • D. Christensen, Putting logic in its place, reviewed by Henry E. Kyburg, Jr., page 534.
  • A. B. Feferman and S. Feferman, Alfred Tarski, Life and Logic, reviewed by Roger D. Maddux, page 535.
  • B. J. Copeland, The essential Turing, reviewed by Jan Obdržálek, page 541.
  • Three papers by I. Neeman, reviewed by Paul B. Larson, page 542.

  • Corrigendum to “In memoriam: Walter Felscher, 1931—2000”, by Michael M. Richter, pages 545—546.

  • Meetings of the Association
  • 2005 Spring Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, The Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA, March 25—26, 2005, pages 547—556.

  • Meetings sponsored by the Association
  • Logic, Computability, and Randomness, Córdoba, Argentina, September 20—24, 2004, pages 557—557.
  • 12th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation (WoLLIC ’2005), Florianópolis (Santa Catarina), Brazil, July 19-22, 2005, pages 558—559.

  • Officers and Committees of the Association for Symbolic Logic, pages 560—563.
  • Members of the Association, pages 564—619.
  • Notices, pages 620—625.

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