The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2003

  • On the philosophical development of Kurt Gödel, by Mark van Atten and Juliette Kennedy, pages 425 — 476.
  • Identity of proofs based on normalization and generality, by Kosta Došen, pages 477 — 503.

  • Reviews, pages 504 — 523.
  • In this issue:

  • James Robert Brown Philosophy of mathematics, an introduction to the world of proofs and pictures, reviewed by Janet Folina, page 504.
  • I. Hacking, An introduction to probability and inductive logic, reviewed by Branden Fitelson, page 506.
  • E. Menzler-Trott, Gentzens Problem, reviewed by Volker Peckhaus, page 508.
  • G. Gerla, Fuzzy logic — Mathematical tools for approximate reasoning, reviewed by Petr Hájek, page 510.
  • D. Jacquette, Philosophy of logic, An anthology, reviewed by William H. Hanson, page 511.
  • R. Hirsh and I. Hodkinson, Relation algebras by games, reviewed by Roger D. Maddux, page 515.
  • G. S. Boolos, J. P. Burgess, and R. C. Jeffrey, Computability and Logic, 4th ed, reviewed by Richard Zach, page 520.
  • Karel Lambert, Free logic: Selected essays, reviewed by David DeVidi, page 521.

  • Officers and Committees of the Association for Symbolic Logic, pages 524 — 527.
  • Members of the Association, pages 528 — 580.
  • Notices, pages 581 — 585.

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