The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2003

  • The empty set, the singleton, and the ordered pair, by Akihiro Kanamori, pages 273 -- 298.
  • Computable and continuous partial homomorphisms on metric partial algebras, by Viggo Stoltenberg-Hansen and John V. Tucker, pages 299 -- 334.
  • Survey of the Steinhaus tiling problem, by Steve Jackson and R. Daniel Mauldin, pages 335 -- 361.
  • A universal approach to self-referential paradoxes, incompleteness and fixed points, by Noson S. Yanofsky, pages 362 -- 386.

  • Communications
  • Finite conformal hypergraph covers and Gaifman cliques in finite structures, by Ian Hodkinson and Martin Otto, pages 387 -- 405.

  • Reviews, pages 406 -- 416.
  • In this issue:

  • H. B. Enderton, A Mathematical Introduction to Logic, reviewed by Natasha Dobrinen, page 406.
  • P. B. Andrews, An introduction to mathematical logic and type theory: to truth through proof, reviewed by Mitsuru Yasuhara, page 408.
  • David Marker, Model Theory: An Introduction, reviewed by Bradd Hart, page 408.
  • Articles in Paraconsistency: the logical way to the inconsistent, reviewed by Casey N. McGinnis, page 410.
  • P. Bernhard, Euler-Diagramme, reviewed by Michael Beaney, page 412.
  • Y. Rogozhin, Small universal Turing machines, reviewed by Maurice Margenstern, page 414.
  • W. Mitchell, E. Schimmerling, and J. Steel, The covering lemma up to a Woodin cardinal, reviewed by Itay Neeman, page 414.

  • Obituaries
  • In memoriam: Walter Felscher 1931--2000, by Michael Richter, pages 417 -- 418.

  • Notices, pages 419 -- 424.

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