The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 7, Issue 4, December, 2001

  • The road to modern logic---An interpretation, by Jos\'e Ferreir\'os, pages 441 -- 484.
  • The ABC's of mice, by Ernest Schimmerling, pages 485 -- 503.
  • Second-order logic and foundations of mathematics, by Jouko V "a "an "anen, pages 504 -- 520.

  • Reviews, pages 521 -- 546.
  • In this issue:

  • B. Poizat, A course in model theory, reviewed by Gregory Cherlin, page 521.
  • S. Friedman, Fine structure and class forcing, reviewed by M. C. Stanley, page 522.
  • N. Immerman, Descriptive complexity, reviewed by Steven Lindell, page 525.
  • G. Restall, An introduction to substructural logics, reviewed by Kosta Do v sen, page 527.
  • A. Antonelli, Proto-semantics for positive free logic, reviewed by Raymond D. Gumb, page 530.
  • K. Wehmeier, Fragments of HA based on $\Sigma_1$-induction, reviewed by Helmut Pfeiffer, page 532.
  • Two papers by W. Burr and V. Hartung, reviewed by Reinhard Kahle, page 532.
  • L. Beklemishev, Another pathological well-ordering, reviewed by G. Mints, page 534.
  • M. Hamano and M. Okada, A direct independence proof of Buchholz's Hydra game on finite labeled trees, reviewed by Lev Gordeev, page 534.
  • T. Strahm, Autonomous fixed point progressions and fixed point transfinite recursion, reviewed by Andrea Cantini, page 535.
  • Two papers by B. `E. Shapirovski\u\i , reviewed by Zoltan T. Balogh, page 536.
  • Three papers on compact spaces, reviewed by Zoltan T. Balogh, page 537.
  • Two papers by R. Dougherty and M. Foreman, reviewed by Stan Wagon, page 537.
  • J. Baumgartner, On the size of closed unbounded sets, reviewed by Sy D. Friedman, page 538.
  • Three papers on infinite graphs, reviewed by P\'eter Komj\'ath, page 539.
  • Two papers on equivalence relations by G. Hjorth, A. Kechris, and A. Louveau, reviewed by S l awomir Solecki, page 541.
  • Papers by M. Foreman and by A. Kechris, reviewed by Greg Hjorth, page 544.

  • Officers and Committees of the Association for Symbolic Logic, pages 547 -- 550.
  • Members of the Association for Symbolic Logic, pages 551 -- 597.
  • Notices, pages 598 -- 601.
  • Errata, pages 602 -- 602.

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