The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2001

  • The prospects for mathematical logic in the twenty-first century, by S. Buss, A. S. Kechris, A. Pillay, and R. A. Shore, pages 169 -- 196.
  • Tautologies from pseudo-random generators, by Jan Krajicek, pages 197 -- 212.
  • On the unusual effectiveness of logic in computer science, by Joseph Y. Halpern, Robert Harper, Neil Immerman, Phokion G. Kolaitis, Moshe Y. Vardi, and Victor Vianu, pages 213 -- 236.
  • Relations between some cardinals in the absence of the Axiom of Choice, by Lorenz Halbeisen and Saharon Shelah, pages 237 -- 261.

  • Communications
  • Grothendieck rings of Z-valued fields, by Raf Cluckers and Deirdre Haskell, pages 262 -- 269.

  • Reviews, pages 270 -- 286.
  • In this issue:

  • Articles in In the light of logic, by S. Feferman, reviewed by G. Aldo Antonelli, page 270.
  • J. Ferreiros, Labyrinth of thought, reviewed by Akihiro Kanamori, page 277.
  • M. Kracht, Tools and techniques in modal logic, reviewed by Guram Bezhanishvili, page 278.
  • A. Troelstra and H. Schwichtenberg, Basic proof theory, reviewed by Roy Dyckhoff, page 280.
  • U. Kohlenbach, Mathematically strong subsystems of analysis with low rate of growth of provably recursive functionals, reviewed by Ulrich Berger, page 280.
  • Four papers by Jean Larson et al, reviewed by R. D. Maddux, page 281.
  • Three papers on the tree property, reviewed by Arthur W. Apter, page 283.
  • Seven papers by O. Spinas et al, reviewed by Paul C. Eklof, page 285.

  • Meetings sponsored by the Association
  • Australasian Association for Logic 2000 Annual Conference, The University of the Sunshine Coast, June 29--July 2, 2000, pages 287 -- 290.
  • International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science (IFIP TCS2000), Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, August 17--19, 2000, pages 291 -- 292.
  • 7th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation (WoLLIC'2000), Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, August 15--18, 2000, pages 293 -- 294.
  • XII Brazilian Logic Conference, Itatiaia, Brazil, May 25--28, 1999, pages 295 -- 295.

  • Notices, pages 296 -- 299.

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