The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2000

  • Machines, logic and quantum physics, by David Deutsch, Artur Ekert, and Rossella Lupacchini, pages 265 -- 283.
  • Brouwer and Fraenkel on intuitionism, by Dirk van Dalen, pages 284 -- 310.

  • Communications
  • Combinatorics with definable sets: Euler characteristics and Grothendieck rings, by Jan Krajicek and Thomas Scanlon, pages 311 -- 330.
  • Applications of nonstandard analysis in additive number theory, by Renling Jin, pages 331 -- 341.

  • Reviews, pages 342 -- 360.
  • In this issue:

  • P. Hajek, Metamathematics of fuzzy logic, reviewed by Francis Jeffry Pelletier, page 342.
  • P. Hajek, L. Godo, and F. Esteva, A complete many-valued logic with product-conjunction, reviewed by Franco Montagna, page 346.
  • P. Grim, G. Mar, and P. St. Denis, The philosophical computer, reviewed by Petr Hajek, page 347.
  • P. Dominguez, Indeterminacion y verdad, reviewed by Itala M. L. D'Ottaviano, page 349.
  • Papers by S. Bellantoni, S. Cook, A. Beckmann and A. Weiermann, reviewed by Karl-Heinz Niggl, page 351.
  • Y. Gurevich and S. Shelah, On finite rigid structures, reviewed by Alexei P. Stolboushkin, page 353.
  • L. Hella, Ph. Kolaitis, and K. Luosto, How to define a linear order on finite models, reviewed by M. Otto, page 355.
  • G. Mints, S. Tupailo, and W. Buchholz, Epsilon substitution method for elementary analysis, reviewed by Ulrich Kohlenbach, page 356.
  • M. Rathjen, Recent advances in ordinal analysis, reviewed by Timothy J. Carlson, page 357.
  • M. Woods, Conditionals, reviewed by William Harper, page 358.

  • Meetings of the Association
  • 2000 Annual Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, June 3--7, 2000, pages 361 -- 396.

  • Notices, pages 397 -- 400.

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