Using Visual Studio 2022 (Community Edition)

Starting Information

· What do I need to do to get my first C++ program to compile and execute?

Create a Solution and a Project.
Add the program files to the Project (or create a new file in the project).
Build the project.
Run the program by selecting (CTRL F5)

· What do I need to do to get my second C++ program to compile and execute?

Add a Project to your Solution then create/add files to your project, build and run.

· What are Solutions, Projects and Configurations?

Solutions :
Solutions are Visual C++ IDE constructs that contain one or more projects, typically grouping related projects together. For example, when taking a programming class, you typically create one solution for the class and each homework assignment is associated with a separate project within that solution

Projects :
Projects contain and manage programs that are to be combined together to create a single executable program (or a library). Typically one creates a new project for each programming task rather than re-using existing projects. If one is doing programming for a class, it is customary to create a separate project for each assignment.

Configurations :
Each project can have multiple configurations. The default configurations provided are Debug and Release. The project settings for each configuration can be independently set. When one creates a new Project, the default configuration is set to Debug.

· Do I need to create a new solution for each program I want to develop?

No, typically one will create the solution with the first program, and then creates a new project for each subsequent program, and places the new projects in the existing solution.

C. Anderson Jan. 5, 2007