Using Eclipse for C/C++ Programming

Starting Information

· What do I need to do to get a simple C++ program to compile and execute?

Create a Workspace (or use and existing one) .
Open the C/C++ perspective.
Create a C/C++ project.
Add files to the project.
Build the project.
Run the program.

· What are Workspaces, Perspectives and Projects?

Workspaces :
Workspaces are directories that the Eclipse IDE stores information and files associated with one or more projects, typically grouping related projects together. For example, when taking a programming class, you typically create one workspace (directory) to hold all the projects associated with that class's assignments.

Projects :
Projects contain and manage programs that are to be combined together to create a single executable program (or a library ). Typically one creates a new project for each programming task rather than re-using existing projects. If one is doing programming for a class, it is customary to create a separate project for each assignment.

Perspective :
An Eclipse perspective is a collection of windows in the IDE that are associated with a particular Eclipse progamming tool. For example, there is a Java perspective that one opens when programming in Java and a C/C++ perspective that one opens when programming in C/C++.

· Do I need to create a new workspace for each program I want to develop?

No, one creates a new project for each program, and places the new projects in an existing workspace.

C. Anderson Jan. 5, 2007