I am Alex Mennen, a fifth-year math graduate student at UCLA working under Artem Chernikov.
Email: alexmennen at math dot ucla dot edu

Teaching (Fall 2019)
Math 31B, sections 4E (Tues 4-4:50pm) and 4F (Thurs 4-4:50pm)
Office hours: Tuesday, 5-6pm, in MS 6221

Past teaching
Summer 2019 (Session C): Math 33B
Spring 2019: Math 11N
Winter 2019: Math 115A
Fall 2018: Math 61
Spring 2018: Math 116
Winter 2018: Math 182
Fall 2017: Math 170A
Spring 2017: Math 61
Winter 2017: Math 33A and Math 61
Fall 2016: Math 32A and Math 61