A. Adam Azzam

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My name is Alexander Adam Azzam; I go by Adam. I was born and raised in Lincoln, NE. I’ve lived there most of my life, sparing a year I spent living in Settat, Morocco, a year living in Uppsala, Sweden, and completing my PhD in Los Angeles. 

I am a mathematician. I get asked a lot about what mathematicians do. It's better to think of mathematicians as professional problem solvers. In addition to problems in pure math, I've enjoyed doing research in a variety of topics in and outside of Math. Most notably in Partial Differential Equations, Functional Analysis, Mechanism Design, the School Choice Problem, and Transnational courts (in particular, the effectiveness of the SCSL, Gacaca Courts, and the ECCC).

I will be receiving my PhD in June 2017 from the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA). I get asked a lot about what graduate students in math do. I focus almost exclusively on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Harmonic Analysis. Partial Differential Equations (PDE) are models for the physical laws of the universe. For example, the Heat Equation is a Partial Differential Equation that models the evolution of heat, and the Wave Equation models how strings and other waves propagate.  Solving a PDE means starting with an initial state of the universe and seeing how it evolves under your physical law. Though my research concerned PDEs that modeled physical phenomena, PDEs are fantastic for modeling other dynamical systems. Of interest to me is the use of PDEs to model the prices of stock options.

In May 2012, I received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL), where I minored in Economics and Political Science. I'm passionate about math education and pedagogy. Besides 8 years of teaching undergraduate math at UCLA and UNL, one of the most rewarding teaching experiences was being a Lincoln-Douglas debate coach for my alma mater, Lincoln High School.

Fun Fact: My mother's father's mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's father's mother's father's mother's father's mother's father's father's mother's father was Gustav I, the first King of Sweden.