I am a third-year grad student at UCLA's Math department, working with Artem Chernikov. I'm interested in model theory as it relates to combinatorics and algebra. I graduated in 2018 with a B.S. in mathematics from Caltech.

I also teach at the Olga Radko Math Circle.

Feel free to email me at aaronanderson at math.ucla.edu



Olga Radko Math Circle

Most Sundays, I teach high school students at the Olga Radko Math Circle, which I also attended in middle and high school. Here are some of the lessons I've written:

Email me at aaronanderson at math.ucla.edu for solutions.

UCLA Teaching

I am currently TAing for 114L: Mathematical Logic. If you are in the class, email me (or check emails from me) to find the passcode to access recorded discussion sections:

I have also been a teaching assistant for the following math classes at UCLA:

In 2019, I assisted at the Curtis Center.

Caltech Teaching

At Caltech, I was a teaching assistant for Ma6a: Discrete Math.