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Graduate Research Opportunities for Women at Northwestern

Over the weekend of October 24-25, 2015, the Department of Mathematics at Northwestern University will host a conference for undergraduate women who may be interested in pursuing graduate study in the mathematical sciences (pure and applied mathematics, and also mathematical physics, statistics, theoretical computer science, ...).

There will be research lectures, panel discussions, and numerous opportunities for interaction with faculty and graduate students, both casual and structured (including time set aside for mentorship).

NSF Research Grant Opportunities

Dear Colleagues,

Please forward this message to senior undergraduate students, incoming graduate students, and students in the first year of graduate study.

An updated program solicitation for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program is now available.  Details are available at the web site


Full Proposal Deadline Dates:  

* October 30, 2015 for Mathematical Sciences; Physics and Astronomy; Chemistry

Fall 2015 MARC Application: July 1 - July 31

On the behalf of MARC Faculty Director, Dr. Dwayne Simmons, and MARC Administrative Director, Dr. Diana Azurdia, we would like to let you know that the Fall 2015 MARC application will be available as of July 1st; if you know any outstanding students currently conducting Biomedical Research that would benefit from participation, please refer them to the MARC webpage:  http://www.ugresearchsci.ucla.edu/marcintro.htm.  

UCI Department of Mathematics Jump-Start Workshop

Dear Student,

The UCI Department of Mathematics organizes a summer Jump-Start Workshop
for its incoming graduate students as a means of facilitating their transition into
graduate school. In view of its success, the Department has decided to open it to
a limited number of undergraduates (seniors) and MS students from local colleges
who are entering - or considering applying to - a PhD program.