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UCLA External Affairs 2020 Internship in University Advancement & Philanthropy


An Internship that makes an Impact.  Show your true Bruin passion while discovering a rewarding career in non-profit fundraising, alumni relations, and advocacy for UCLA.   


Apply to the PAID UCLA External Affairs summer internship program at internships.support.ucla.edu.  This competitive program provides you with amazing opportunities:

Learning Assistant Program

The Learning Assistant (LA) program is recruiting Physical Science majors for the next quarter! In short, the LA program are made up of undergraduates who have succeeded/shown growth in a given course, and return to help teach the course. You would help teach in discussion/lab sections, instructor/TA office hours, and lead your own midterm/final review lectures. It's also a great way to connect and build relationships with professors outside of class! 


Help Me Help You: The Job Search (RippleMatch)

We think it shouldn’t be so difficult to find a job out of college. RippleMatch has built the first-ever marketplace for entry-level talent, matchings tens of thousands of college students with employers, and helping them start their careers in jobs they find meaningful. When I say matches, I mean fast-tracking you through the initial pre-screen and getting you straight through to first-round interviews.