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Summer Opportunities Fair 2017

Summer Opportunities Fair 2017

Wondering what to do this summer?

Come discover the opportunities available at UCLA!

-          Academic courses in over 80 subjects

-          College academic counseling

-          Financial aid and scholarships

-          Summer institutes

-          Study abroad programs

-          Jobs and Internships

-          Research and volunteer opportunities

-          Housing

3 Day Startup at UCLA

3DS (3 Day Startup) is a 3-day boot camp that guides students through the essential steps of founding a start-up company from scratch. >From ideation, team formation, market research to rapid prototyping and final pitch, participants directly apply theoretical knowledge to come up with a sustainable business model. 

When: Feb 17th - 19th, 2017
Where: On campus, TBA

UC Berkeley BCPA Program

The Berkeley Charter of Professional Accountancy (BCPA) program at UC Berkeley is being offered to Economics students at UCLA. The BCPA is a mid-May to mid-August program which allows students from any major to take 30 unit of accounting over two summer’s time and be CPA-exam eligible upon graduation.