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Summer Internships at JPMorgan

JPMorgan is looking to hire summer interns for its Chief Administrative Office (CAO) and Middle Market Specialized Industries (MMBSI) groups.  The positions will be located at JPMorgan’s corporate offices in New York City (CAO) and Dallas (MMBSI).

CAO Internship Requirements – https://jpmc.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/F7ixDeSwKEQhSQVosQivww

Completed junior year of college

Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2

2018-2019 AS2 Internship Program

Academic & Student Services (AS2) supports the unique needs of each student-athlete by providing strategic services and programming in the areas of academic support, academic counseling, student-athlete development, and student services. Our student-centered approach empowers student-athletes to maximize their educational experience as they pursue academic and personal goals. It is our mission to graduate self-sufficient learners who are able to successfully embark on life after college.

MyJTC - Resident Mentor Internship Announcement

The UCLA Equity and Access Studies in Education Project (EASE Project - Prof. Robert Cooper, Director) seeks outstanding undergraduate students for participation in the My Journey to College 9th Grade Summer Scholars Program (MyJTC). The program trains students to work as resident mentors (RM) for rising 9th grade students during a four-day residential program at UCLA. The goal of the program is to provide rising 9th graders from historically underserved and marginalized communities with the academic and social opportunities to position themselves for college eligibility.

Research Assistant Wanted

Write down SQL code in a Notepad: this SQL code should export data once it is executed. You will write this code without having access to the dataset, solely having access to a printed image of the structure of the dataset. I will tell you exactly what variables I need and by what categories. The dataset is in Spanish. The QSL commands are in English.

Job qualifications needed:

Advanced knowledge of SQL.

Additional job qualifications desired:

Knowledge of Spanish. (dataset is in Spanish).

Duration: 10 days