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Undergraduate Scholars Summer 2015 Graduate Basic Exam and Bootcamp Information

Summer Program Boot camp information (August 10 - September 18, 2015)

The Mathematics Department offers a summer program for all entering graduate students:  summer “boot camp” courses are taught August 10 through September 18, followed by couple of days of preparation and study, leading to the Basic Exam which is given on Saturday, September 19, 2015.

Employment Opportunity at Prescio



Prescio has an open position for a Quantitative Analyst in Dallas, Texas. We’re looking for a combination of major/minor or double-major BS/BA in technical writing, statistics, mathematics, physics, business, English or related fields. All reasonably relevant skill sets will be considered.


Summer 195CE Internship Courses

See attached flyer

Hello, counselors. See the information below re: 195CE internship courses, which can be circulated to students. Please note that the Center for Community Learning does NOT place students in internships. The Career Center handles application advice and maintains an up-to-date database of opportunities. The Center for Community Learning handles 195CE internship courses.