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CSW is Recruiting LA Participants for Gender and Water Research

As part of CSW’s Gender and Everyday Water Use project, we are seeking individuals and families in MacArthur Park (90057), Koreatown (90020), Beverly Hills (90210), and Inglewood (90305).

Researchers will visit your home twice, once for an introduction and a second time for a 1-2 hour interview. Additionally, they will ask household members to record how you use water over 4 days in a week.

Participating household will receive a $100 gift card!

Help Us to Understand Mathematical Ability

You are invited to participate in a new study that looks at the genetics associated with mathematical ability and whether there may be a link with autism. All participants will be entered into a prize draw where you have the opportunity to win 1 of 5 £200 gift vouchers.

We welcome all adults (over 16 years old) who are pursuing or have completed a degree in mathematics to take part in our study, whether you have an autism diagnosis or not.

UMSA Annual Scavenger Hunt this Friday 06/30/2017

UMSA is hosting its Annual Scavenger Hunt this Friday, June 2nd at 4:45 PM at MS 4000! EACH member of the winning team will receive $20 UCLA Store gift cards (and of course, bragging rights).

There will be a set of riddles/challenges to complete during the two-hour period. Each riddle/challenge will be UCLA and math-related, and the answers to the challenges can be found within the campus. (Don't worry, we won't have questions leading you to the Hammer Museum and then back up to the Sculpture Garden. We're not that cruel.)

University of Washington Department of Biostatistics Launches New MS Capstone Degree

The Master of Science (MS) in Biostatistics Capstone combines graduate coursework in biostatistics with a capstone project in a streamlined 18-month format.

The MS Capstone offers you a choice of specialty in the areas of data science, statistical genetics, or modeling and methods, and the opportunity to complete a career-advancing capstone project that will showcase your skills.