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Alumni Career Panel- Life after the Degree

Featuring our Alumni from Global Studies, International Development Studies, and International & Area Studies!

Come hear from International Institute alumni who are established professionals - in international organizations, non-profits, finance, and more - about their career paths and current positions.

Network with Institute alumni who are willing to share information about their professional journeys and guide future alumni, i.e., YOU!

November 19th
3:30 - 5pm
School of Law Room 1314


Fall SKY@UCLA Happiness Workshop

Do you want to be happier? Less stressed?

Searching for clarity, wisdom, connection?


SKY@UCLA is a wellness organization devoted to strengthening student well-being and mental health, and building student leaders.


We are happy to present the Fall SKY Happiness Workshop a cutting-edge leadership and wellness program designed for students, which includes powerful breathing meditation techniques to deeply reduce stress and bring a sense of calm and joy.


Do you want to ace UCLA? Take University Studies 10 2020 Winter!

Dear first-year students:

Do you want to ace UCLA? Would you like to learn how to navigate a top-tier research institution? Do you want to get the most out of your undergraduate experience? Do you want to feel at home in such a large campus? Do you want to build community with your peers, faculty, and staff?

We are excited to inform you about a course that is designed specifically for first-year students--University Studies 10: Ace UCLA | Critical Strategies to Achieve Undergraduate Excellence.


Wazo is here to help. Become a Mentee

Who are we?

We are a student organization at UCLA that aims to improve mental health on college campuses and serve as a complement to CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services). 

What do we do?

We offer all students in need with a personal mentor for 6 weeks and 4 Wazo Wellness activities per quarter. All our mentors are trained and hand-picked to help their mentees feel comforted and connected to campus life.