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Undergraduate Mathematics Student Association

The UCLA Undergraduate Mathematics Students' Association (UMSA) is an officially recognized university club for mathematics majors and students who are interested in mathematics. UMSA was established in response to students' desire to have a "connection" to the Mathematics Department. The purpose of UMSA is to:

  1. Promote the academic awareness of the mathematics major;
  2. Promote better student-faculty relations;
  3. Provide information on career opportunities in mathematics; and
  4. Provide a peer network in which students can discuss and further develop ideas and concepts that are presented in mathematics courses.

Check the UMSA Website for information about current activities and events.

Bruin Actuarial Society

We are dedicated to informing fellow Bruins who are interested in the Actuarial field. We also serve as a support group for motivated students who plan on taking Actuarial exams and want to find internships/jobs in the field. Find out why Actuaries are consistently considered one of the best jobs in the U.S. according to the Job Rated Almanac.

Learn more at their website.