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PIC Course Information

PIC Courses

PIC 10A: Introduction to Programming

PIC 10B: Intermediate Programming

PIC 10C: Advanced Programming

PIC 15: Introduction to Lisp and Symbolic Computation

PIC 16: Python with Applications

PIC 20A: Principles of Java Language with Applications

PIC 20B: Advanced Aspects of Java Language with Applications

PIC 20C: Seminar: Enterprise Computing with Java

PIC 30: Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming

PIC 40A: Introduction to Programming for Internet

PIC 40B: Advanced Topics in Programming for Internet

PIC 60: Data Structures and Algorithms

PIC 97: Special Topics in Programming

PIC 110: Parallel and Distributed Computing

PIC 130: Cryptography

PIC 187: Advanced Variable Topics in Programming

Mathematics Courses

Math M114S: Introduction to Set Theory