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Interdepartmental Major: Math / Economics

Scope and Objectives

In recent years economics has become increasingly dependent on mathematical methods, and the mathematical tools it employs have become more sophisticated. Mathematically competent economists, with bachelor's degrees and with advanced degrees, are needed in industry and government. Graduate programs in economics and finance programs in graduate schools of management require strong undergraduate preparation in mathematics for admission.

This degree program is designed to give students a solid foundation in both mathematics and economics, stressing those areas of mathematics and statistics that are most relevant to economics and the parts of economics that emphasize the use of mathematics and statistics.

Undergraduate Study

For students who declared the major from Fall 2014 to Summer 2015.
For students who declared the major from Fall 2015 to Summer 2016.
**For students who declared the major in Fall 2016.

Printable PDF- Current

Printable PDF - Coming Soon! (Math 11 or 61 will be REQUIRED)

Students should review the general catalog for more detailed information.