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Math 149: General Course Outline

Course Description

149. Mathematics of Computer Graphics. Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Prerequisites: course 115A, and Program in Computing 10A or equivalent knowledge of programming in either PASCAL or C language. Study of homogeneous coordinates, projective transformations, interpolating and approximating curves, representation of surfaces, and other mathematical topics useful for computer graphics.

General Information. The course Math 149 was originally designed by Kirby Baker, currently the Director of the Program in Computing. Usually taught by Baker, the course is offered once each year, usually in the Winter. Enrollments in the course have run between 20 and 50 students for the past several years.

In a recent Mathematics Department colloquium talk, Nathan Mhyrvald, who is one of the top executives at Microsoft, pointed to Math 149 as the most memorable undergraduate math course he had taken at UCLA.

To receive the instructor's permission to enroll, students should have taken Math 115A with a grade of at least B-, and they should also have completed PIC 10A or the equivalent.