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Undergraduate and Graduate Departmental Commencement

Mathematics Departmental Commencement Ceremony 
Sunday, June 14, 2020
Time:  9:00 AM 
Location:  Court of Sciences 
Commencement Speaker:  TBD


(Click here for the ceremony's program)

Student assembly information

Student participants need to arrive at the Breezeway (by the vending machines) at 8:15 AM. Graduates will be asked to assemble on the south side of the Math Sciences Building (near the Math Sciences Corridor/vending machines) for the processional. All guests should be seated by 8:50 AM. The program will begin promptly at 9:00 AM. 

The name cards will be passed out while students are standing in line around the breezeway where the vending machines are located. There will be signs as well as staff to direct students if there are any questions.  

The order of line should be: Department Chair; Commencement Speaker; Faculty; Graduate Students; Undergraduate Award Recipients (because these students will be going up to the stage to be recognized); then the rest of the undergraduates forming two lines because undergraduates will be walking down the middle and filter into two sides of seating. While lining up, undergraduate students should split into two different lines so that students can quickly be seated to the left and right of the center podium. The order in which you line up is the order in which you will be seated. So, if you want to sit with your friends, make sure that you stand directly in front or behind them, not beside them because they will go on the opposite site of the seating. Please be cooperative with the house staff in making the processional run smoothly.

Once seated, please turn off cell phones and any electronic devices that may cause disruption to the ceremony. Balloons and other inflatable objects, as well as bottles and cans, are prohibited.

In recognition of each students' achievements, please remain in your seats until all students have had the opportunity to have their names read. Graduates will then have the opportunity to turn their tassel (standard protocol in the US dictates that the tassel be worn on the right side of one's mortarboard at commencement and then, during the ceremony, moved to the left side). The ceremony should conclude around 11:00 AM. 

A professional photographer will be present to take photographs of each graduating senior as he/she goes up on stage to receive individual recognition. Students will be able to access their proofs online three days after the ceremony. Orders can be placed for official individual photos and candid shots of other graduates through the website of the photography company, Grad Images, as long as students provide a valid e-mail address on the name card. ​

If you have any further questions regarding the Mathematics Department Commencement Ceremony, please do not hesitate to stop by our office located in MS 6356. Also please feel free to email with questions concerning:  

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

1. What is the UCLA Mathematics Commencement Ceremony?

This day is a wonderful celebratory experience whereby students are honored before their families and close acquaintances, Faculty and Math Department staff for many years’ hard work.

During this ceremony, the Graduate or Undergraduate Vice Chair announces each student’s name as they walk across the stage. This ceremony is special in the personal nature of the student’s achievement; it is a day not to be missed!

2. When and where is the Mathematics Commencement Ceremony?

The Mathematics Ceremony will take place on: Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 9:00 AM in the Court of Sciences, the open space bordered by the Math Sciences Building, Boelter Hall and Young Hall.​   

For information on parking, please contact UCLA Transportation Department.

3. How do I obtain tickets and parking passes for the Ceremony?

Based upon information given to the Registrar, students eligible for a degree within the 2019-2020 (graduation terms Fall 2019, Winter 2020, Spring 2020 and Summer 2020) school year will be notified on their MyUCLA page. For further questions regarding eligibility visit College Commencement.

Students can RSVP to attend the College Ceremony as well as the Math Department ceremony on MyUCLA. For more information about RSVP dates, please visit the Commencement website (tickets are extremely limited).

​After submitting your request you should receive an automatic notification message on your MyUCLA page as confirmation.

4. How many people can I invite to the ceremony?

The first 4 tickets are free of charge. Additional tickets are $20 each, non-refundable. You can order a total of 20 tickets for the Math Department commencement ceremony on your MyUCLA page. If you need more tickets you can request to be placed on a waitlist.

Students do not need a ticket for the Math Department commencement ceremony.

5. When can I pick up tickets and parking passes?

You will receive a MyUCLA notification about ticket ordering and deadlines.

Tickets and parking passes for The College ceremony AND the Mathematics Departmental ceremony will be available for pick-up via several distribution methods - please visit the Commencement Website for more information. 

6. What should I wear to the Math Department Commencement Ceremony?

Your cap and gown, of course! (A cap and gown is required to participate in all the ceremonies.) Commencement regalia can be purchased through Graduation Etc. (students’ should receive information regarding regalia, photographs, and Class of 2020 memorabilia through MyUCLA or Graduation Etc. directly, located in Ackerman Union, A-Level).  

7. How will the day be commemorated?

Grad Images has been UCLA’s official commencement photographer for many years. They photograph each student, as well as the ceremony, for purchase later. This year, they are proposing a 10-hour turnaround of proofs from the Mathematics commencement ceremony, making these pictures available for viewing the next day.  



If you have any further questions regarding the Mathematics Department Commencement Ceremony, please do not hesitate to stop by our office located in MS 6356.

Also please feel free to email with questions concerning:
Undergraduate Degrees: ugrad@math.ucla.edu
Graduate Degrees: gradapps@math.ucla.edu