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Important Math Department Updates-3/12/2020


Dear all,


Here are a few important updates on department policy and upcoming new procedures:


  1. University and Mathematics Department policy recommendations are that finals be given, if they were originally planned. We expect that most Mathematics courses will offer a take-home final of some type.
    1. We realize that the current circumstances prevent, for most courses, strict adherence to the grading scheme announced at the start. The most basic rule to follow is “The final grade shall reflect the student's achievement in the course and shall be based upon adequate evaluation of the achievement” (Regulation 332, UCLA Senate https://www.bso.ucla.edu/update/mar-12-2020-635am-coronavirus-update-14-academic-senate-ucla-faculty).
    2. Your instructors in Mathematics are trying their best to adhere to both the spirit of this rule and the recommendations above. We ask for your trust, understanding, and patience over the coming week as courses conclude.
  2. Change of major/minor petitions will now be online until April 10th.
    1. If declaring/changing your major, please download the PDF and email it to ugrad@math.ucla.edu. The process will still take approximately 2-3 weeks.
    2. The change of major form can be found in the following link: https://www.math.ucla.edu/ugrad/majors
  3. Course assessments can also be done online.
    1. Please include your name, UID, major, course you took or would like to take, the institution name, and the course you believe it to be an equivalent at UCLA.
    2. Be sure to include as much information as possible (syllabus, course description, textbook used, etc.)
    3. Send it to ugrad@math.ucla.edu
  4. Our office will continue to be open for advising during our regular hours, however, if you prefer, please call, email, or use Message Center. We will also be available to reach students through Zoom (https://ucla.zoom.us/) for one-on-one advising. Please be sure to email us first to set up a date/time.
  5. We will be closing early on Thursday, March 26 in observance of Caesar Chavez day where UCLA will be closed on Friday, March 27th.
  6. Per university announcements, Spring Quarter will begin on March 30th online for 2 weeks (Friday, April 10th) until further notice from UCLA. Enrollment into classes will remain the same.
    1. Lower division courses will be first come, first serve, where students can only get in through the official waitlist. Class capacity will remain the same.
    2. Upper division courses- unofficial waitlist will begin during the first day of class. If students drop, enrollment will be given to students based on priority. There are no guarantees so please have a backup plan/ course (https://www.math.ucla.edu/ugrad/unofficial-waitlist).
    3. You can audit a course by directly requesting the instructor to invite you as a guest to their CCLE. Please note that this is NOT a guarantee into a course- you will not receive any credit unless you are officially enrolled in the course.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.



UCLA Mathematics Department