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Undergrad Research Assistant Wanted

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Time Period: Late June to Early August 2018

Research Question: The Effects of Immigrants on Agricultural Innovation: Evidence from Repatriation

Motivation and Background: This project will attempt to understand the relationship between immigration and agricultural innovation by focusing on the large scale repatriation of Mexicans immigrants in the United States during the the 1930s. It's been found that historically, the inflow of immigrants contributed positively to agricultural productivity and innovation. In this paper, I will test whether the opposite effect would occur with the exodus of immigrants by exploiting state level differences in the intensity of repatriation relative to the local population. 


1) Interest in economic research

2) Ability to read Spanish (will be using the Mexican Census of Agriculture)

3) Familiar with excel, having background in econometrics and programming preferred

4) Available to regularly work ~3 hours per week

5) Although not necessary but would be great if research assistant could be in town during the summer session A


If interested, please send a resume/CV to Iris Fu at fuxuanyu@ucla.edu