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UMSA Mentorship Application 2020-2021

Sunday, July 12, 2020

UMSA Mentorship Application 2020-2021

The Mentorship Program at the Undergraduate Mathematics Students Association (UMSA) is designed to help new and continuing undergraduate students develop character and skills needed to succeed as math students at UCLA. This is an opportunity for you to gain valuable leadership experience, necessary for many future endeavors, from applying to graduate school to jumpstarting your career. By guiding your mentees and building a meaningful social experience with them, you will also gain more exposure to the math department and other math majors, allowing you to expand your network and develop your time management and listening skills.

Requirements to become a mentor:
- Be a math major, interested in mentoring math students.
- Preferably an upperclassman, but all are encouraged to apply!
- You do NOT have to be an UMSA member.

As a mentor, you are also required to attend at least two UMSA events per quarter. In addition, we encourage you to plan social activities, like a game night or a meal together, with your mentees and fellow mentors' groups in order to build a community of math students and bond outside UMSA. Click the link below to apply.



Due: Friday, July 12, 2020