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Summer Abroad opportunities for you!

Friday, April 7, 2017

UC Davis Summer Abroad offers UCLA students the opportunity to earn 8 units of UC credit in just four weeks—while studying on another country! All programs are open to all students, from freshmen to graduating seniors.  UCLA Summer Aid applies! Ask your Financial Aid Office for more information.

 Would you like to. . .?

  • Travel the isles of Greece while studying that country’s literature and history—both ancient and modern?
  • Explore the landscape and literature of Australia -- from the urban city of Melbourne to the outback of Kakadu National Park in Darwin?
  • Visit Roman, Etruscan, and Greek ruins and discover why Rome, Italy is considered an outdoor museum?
  • Experience live performing arts events in the south of France – or study literature and listen to fado in Portugal?
  • Work alongside indigenous Amazonians in Ecuador while examining the historical development and current initiatives to save the Amazon rainforest from exploitation? 
  • Attend an entire A-level European Film Festival (Germany and Switzerland) in the Italian-Swiss Lake region—or experience the vibrant “Paris of Latin America,” Buenos Aires, Argentina, through street fairs, music and film festivals, cultural activities, and amazing cuisine?
  • Explore answers to major questions about development while also experiencing Ghana’s popular culture, markets, rainforests and beaches-- or discover the biodiversity of Costa Rica through field trips to Monteverde and the Caribbean and live in an aboriginal community?

All programs feature on-site activities that integrate experiential learning with classroom study.  Openings are also available in Australia, France, Germany, Taiwan, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Switzerland, and the U.K. 

For full program information, including courses and program dates, visit  https://studyabroad.ucdavis.edu/programs/summerabroad/index.html  

Space Still Available!—Enrollment Deadline: April 7th
Create a student profile to create a list of programs that interest you, or to start the enrollment process: http://studyabroad.ucdavis.edu/programs/summerabroad/_sa_enrollment.html