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Revolutionizing Cancer Detection: An Evening w/ CEO Ira Deyhimy

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bruin Medical Entrepreneurs is excited to present our Week 7 speaker event open to ALL students: an evening discussion with Ira Deyhimy: Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur, and CEO of the groundbreaking medical device company, SELFA.

There will be FREE pizza and sweets served! 

Most cancers and infectious diseases are effectively treatable if detected early and monitored regularly. SELFA’s semiconductor bio-sensor technology, embedded in their molecular diagnostics platform, brings unprecedented sensitivity and the ability to quantitate multiple proteins and nucleic acids simultaneously using a small sample of human bodily fluid (e.g. saliva or blood), thus revolutionizing the field of cancer and infection disease detection.

SELFA is involved with the emerging field of biodiagnositics and its applications within biotechnology and a new generation of health science industry. This a wonderful opportunity for members and guests to gain knowledge and entrepreneurial inspiration from an industry leader. 

See you all there!