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NYU PhD in Data Science

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

NYU's Center for Data Science PhD program, currently is in its second year with a total of 18 very strong students, is one of the first in Data Science. Their aim to leverage the reputation of strength and rigor that they have acquired though their highly successful MS program together with the world-class research of their faculty, to continue creating a rigorous program of excellence that differs from a top CS or Math PhD program in the breadth and interdisciplinarity it offers. In addition they emphasize a translational aspect that allows students to interface with domains to apply their tools and methods to, through their faculty that is joint with a variety of very strong NYU departments, their nascent collaboration with the medical school, or the ambient industry, foundation and government contacts we have established. They provide a generous fellowship. Application deadline is December 12.

CDS is the focal point for NYU’s university-wide initiative in data science and statistics, established 5 years ago, and one of the country’s leading data science research and training facilities. CDS is a vibrant space with about 15 jointly appointed faculty (growing to over 20 in the next two years) and about 10 associated faculty across Courant computer science and mathematics, neuroscience, linguistics, politics, psychology, engineering,  physics, biology and business; a list of affiliate faculty spanning a wide range of NYU’s schools and departments, a highly successful Master’s program and one of the first Data Science PhD programs. CDS’s research focuses on tools and methods at the intersection between applied mathematics, data science, high-dimensional statistics, machine learning, optimization, and several data-driven application areas.

Information on the program and curriculum can be found here with information on how to apply here. For further questions you can contact Timothy Baker.


NYU PhD in Data Science