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Life Sciences 110: Career Exploration in Life Sciences

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Contact Dr. Rachel Kennison at rkennison@ceils.ucla.edu

What can you do with a degree in Life Sciences?

Life Sciences 110: Career Exploration in Life Sciences

Offered for all students winter and spring and transfers students only in fall
Planning your career takes time… Start NOW.

Are you…
● pre-med and want to keep your options open?
● a transfer student who is feeling pressure to make a career decision quickly?
● want to be prepared to find an internship or go on the job market?
● no longer pre-med but have no idea what other STEM careers are a match for you?
● looking for guidance on internship opportunities or post-undergraduate school applications?
● feel generally lost?
● just need 2 units?

Then this is the class for you! There is something for everyone, no matter what stage you are at!

What is it?
● UPPER DIVISION 2-unit class (P/NP) offered winter and spring 2019.
● Devise a Career Plan that works for you
● Guest speakers will provide pathways to a variety of STEM careers throughout the quarter.

Did you know…
● Clinical Laboratory Scientists make a starting salary of ~80K with only one year of training after graduation?
● Public Health Careers can focus on a variety of areas including epidemiology, health policy and management, biostatistics, community and environmental health?
● Teach for America is a leader in social justice and preparing students for Medical School?

You will know how to:
● Build and get feedback on a resume and cover letter
● Conduct informational interviews
● Perform labor market research on career options
● Use self-assessment feedback to clarify and confirm a career path
● Learn about internship and research opportunities and how to access them

Why should I enroll?
“This class forces me to do the things I should be doing anyway to plan my future”
“ This class reassured me that there is a career out there that is right for me.”
“I felt encouraged to stick to my goals and constantly self-assess. I valued the speakers who came into
the class to inform us about their careers in a detail-oriented way.”

Where can I find out more?
Watch the video!! Course information website: ceils.ucla.edu/LS110
Contact Dr. Rachel Kennison at rkennison@ceils.ucla.edu