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Learning Assistant Program Development

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Learning Assistant (LA) Program at UCLA is currently recruiting undergraduates to be LAs for next quarter. LAs are undergraduates who have taken a course and come back in a future quarter to help facilitate learning in that course. LAs are most often present in discussion sections for a course and also sometimes hold joint office hours with TAs or instructors and obtain upper division credit for doing so.


Some courses that will be having LAs next quarter include: Chemistry 14A,B,C and D; Chemistry 20A+30A; Math 3B, Math 31A, Math 32B, Physics 4AL+4BL, Physics 5A+5B, Physics 5AL+5BL+5CL (labs for Physics 5B).


If you have taken any of the above courses, we highly encourage you to apply!


We'll be looking for more than 60 Math and Physics LAs, and you can indicate interest in up to six courses (including Math, Physics, Life Science, CS, and Chemistry courses). I especially encourage those of you who initially struggled in these courses to apply, since you may best relate to the struggles of other students.


To learn more, read the message below from the LA program organizers.


Dear interested LA applicants,


The Learning Assistant application form for Fall 2019 is now open! https://forms.gle/eVsDxyMuta6FcGK78 

You can see a pdf of the full application here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mnny5fAAZB_g8CAjlWPUGu4kkmPmYQ24/view?u...


If you are interested in earning upper division credit to learn how to help more students succeed in STEM, we highly encourage you to apply. There are more than 300 openings, for New LAs, Returning LAs, and Head LAs.


If you're uncertain about whether or not to apply, especially if you don't yet feel qualified, we encourage you to go ahead and apply! (You can save your application to re-use in future quarters.) Many LAs who didn't expect to get in were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed to the program, since we focus more on capacity for growth than grades or teaching experience.


The application priority deadline for Fall 2019 is Aug. 16, 2019 at 11:59pm. At this point, certain instructors will already start selecting applicants. But most applications will be reviewed over the subsequent two weeks, in case you need more time to apply. Acceptances will be sent out before Week 0.


You can learn more about the program here: https://ceils.ucla.edu/learningassistants/for-prospective-learning-assis...


Looking forward to hearing from you!



Shanna Shaked and the LA Program Development Team



p.s.  Have you already reached the 4-quarter cap? Check out this list of ideas of what you can do next: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FyC1M7zAqlpyrel3eVnDG1yghqluDLTOLUSb...