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JusticeCorps Engaging Los Angeles Los Angeles Superior Court

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

For those interested in law, social justice & community development!

JusticeCorps is an innovative approach to solving one
of the more pressing issues faced by courts around
the country today: providing equal access to justice.

JusticeCorps recruits and trains university students
annually to serve in California's overburdening legal
self-help centers which specialize in family law,
housing, landlord/tenant disputes, or small claims.


Program benefits

1. Learn about the law & the legal field.
2. Earn an educational award with AmeriCorps.
3. Provide a much needed service across locations
in Los Angeles.
4. Develop networking opportunities.
5. Gain professional experience & transferable life
skills by working with court staff & the public.
6. Earn course credit.