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GSEIS Research Assistants Needed

Friday, September 30, 2016
Negin Ghavami

My name is Negin Ghavami and I am a postdoctoral scholar working with Sandra Graham in the School of Education. I am looking for Research Assistants for Summer and Fall 2016

We are looking for highly motivated, organized, and dependable students who are interested in gaining research experience working on a project that focuses on diversity based on race/ethnicity, LGBTQ and immigration statuses.

This project requires a commitment of 8-10 hours per week. Bonus if you are bilingual and/or have a car. Students may be involved in various activities appropriate to their interests and level of experience.

Research assistant tasks may include: 1) entering and managing data; 2) library research; 3) visiting middle school classrooms to recruit participants and administer survey; 4) preparing materials for student recruitment and data collection; and 5) attending weekly lab meetings.

During your tenure as a research assistant, there will be opportunities to present at conferences and receive close mentoring in professional development.  Research Assistants will receive 4 units of upper division Education or Psychology credit, if you like.