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GROW-Graduate Research Opportunities for Women

Thursday, October 25, 2018

GROW-2018  is a conference aimed at female-identified undergraduate students who are curious about graduate school in math or what can be done with a graduate degree in math. 

October 26-28, 2018

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Conference activities include: 

Lectures on interesting mathematics by inspiring speakers

Banquet dinner with a world-renowned mathematician

Panel discussions about careers you can pursue with a higher degree in math

Networking opportunities

Advice on preparing applications for graduate school

Lots of discussion time to ask questions of current graduate students, faculty, and other professional mathematicians

The Conference website is here http://www-personal.umich.edu/~kochsc/GrowPoster.pdf

Funds for travel and lodging are available for all participants.

Please contact Sarah Koch (kochsc@umich.edu) or Karen Smith (kesmith@umich.edu) with any questions. 


Here's how to apply. It is very simple, despite the complicated look of the mathprograms site.


FIRST:   Fill out bibliographic information ("standard cover sheet") on this website. To do this, you click on "Apply" above.

NEXT:  Send us an email to grow-2018@umich.edu and introduce yourself!  Please tell us in just a few sentences 1). Why you might be interested in the GROW conference and 2). About your previous experience (if any) with math conferences or math research.   

FINALLY:  Ask a faculty member at your institution to email grow-2018@umich.edu with a paragraph recommending you for GROW 2018.


No need to submit anything else through this website! You only need to enter your data into the "standard cover sheet" and can ignore the information about uploading items to your "portfolio."