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Blakemore Foundation, Freeman Fellowships for Advanced Asian Language Study

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blakemore Foundation, Freeman Fellowships for Advanced Asian Language Study

Targeted Fields
Open to all fields. Fields with a specific career objective that involves the regular use of Asian language. Superior candidates pursuing careers in fields such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), international business, accounting, law, medicine, journalism, architecture, teaching, social or NGO work, government service, and academia are encouraged to apply.

Open To
Prospective/Current Graduate Students.

Open only to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Eligibility Requirements
Must have an undergraduate degree. Must be pursuing academic, professional or business careers involving Asia. Must be at or near an advanced level in the chosen Asian language. Grant study must start between 6 months up to a year and a half after application due date. Transcripts. 2 letters of recommendation. CV or resume. Itemized list of all college-level language classes taken by applicant for the Asian language listed on grant application. Applicants for Blakemore language grants must simultaneously apply to the language program involved and to the Blakemore Foundation. Essay about applicant's background, prior study of the Asian language selected for the fellowship, and how study of that Asian language will be beneficial to his or her career.

Stipend provides tuition, related educational expenses such as books and study materials, a basic living costs and transportation. Can also include health insurance, immunizations, airfare, commuting, food, travel, and recreational activities.

12/30/2015 11:30 p.m. EST

Program Description
The Blakemore Foundation awards 15 fellowships to individuals for 1 year of Asian language study at an institution located in Asia. Selected fellows will be pursuing academic, professional or business career involving Asia for which a language study abroad at an advanced level is required. Grants cover a year of advanced language study of modern Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Southeast Asian languages in advanced-level language programs or private tutorial programs in the given country. For Japanese, the Blakemore Foundation funds study at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies in Yokohama, Japan. For Chinese, they fund study at the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing and at the International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University in Taipei. For Korean, they recommend study at Seoul National University or Sogang University. Approval of language programs for study of languages of South East Asia (Thai, Burmese, Indonesian, Khmer, and Vietnamese) will be considered on an individual basis during the application review process.

For More Information

The Blakemore Foundation 1201 Third Avenue, Suite 4900 Seattle, WA 98101-3099

(206) 359-8778