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Associate Economist (AE) Position at the Chicago Fed

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The research department at the Chicago Fed is looking to hire a number of Associate Economists (AEs) to start in the summer of 2018


The associate economist (AE) position at the Chicago Fed is fashioned for recent college graduates with a background in economics, math, statistics, or related fields. AEs work with economists on a variety of research projects and provide support for ongoing analysis of the U.S. and global economy and monetary policy, as well as issues related to bank regulation, the payments system and financial markets. The AE position can be viewed as an apprenticeship program that allows associate economists to develop their research skills and affords a unique opportunity to support the monetary policymaking process.


This position is structured as a rigorous two to three year research assistantship meant to provide empirical and theoretical skills in preparation for graduate school. Most AEs enroll in graduate programs upon departure from the Fed.


The website listed below directs to a site that explains the key features of this position and provides a direct link to where students can apply for the job.




For more information, please contact:


Thomas Klier, Senior Economist and Research Advisor

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Email: Thomas.klier@chi.frb.org

Voice: 312-322-5762