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195CE Internship Courses with the UCLA Center for Community Learning

Friday, January 20, 2017
cclmeetings [at] college [dot] ucla [dot] edu

195CE internship courses offer 4-unit independent study opportunities for juniors and seniors. Students typically work 8-10 hours per week and must be supervised at an off-campus workplace. Paid or unpaid internships with corporate, non-profit or government agencies can qualify for academic credit. Students can enroll for a letter grade or pass/no-pass.


Eligibility: Junior or Senior status (completed 90 or more units) and good academic standing (at least 3.0 GPA) 


Courses Open to All Majors/Minors   

  • English 195CE
  • History 195CE      
  • Political Science 195CE    
  • Sociology 195CE
  • Society & Genetics 195CE (prior coursework in life sciences recommended)


Specialized Courses 

  • Anthropology 195CE (restricted to Anthro majors)
  • Civic Engagement 195CE (restricted to CE minors)
  • Disability Studies 195CE (restricted to DS minors)


 Review course syllabi at www.uei.ucla.edu/communitylearninginternships.htm


Course Requirements

  • Weekly writing assignments
  • Bi-weekly meetings with a Coordinator at the Center for Community Learning
  • Final research paper
  • Minimum of 80 hours of work at internship (8-10 hours per week)


How to Enroll

  • ŸEnrollment cannot be completed through MyUCLA.
  • Call 310.825.7867 or email cclmeetings [at] college [dot] ucla [dot] edu to schedule a meeting with a Coordinator.  
  • A Center Coordinator must approve the internship site and review the contract course form.
  • Students must get their internship site supervisor’s signature to enroll.
  • Space is limited; enrollment must be completed as soon as possible & NO LATER than Friday of Week 2.


Looking for an Internship? Check out the Career Center’s BruinView database: www.career.ucla.edu 


Other Information


The State of California mandates that students receive academic credit for internships UNLESS a) the student is paid for the internship; or b) the intern is working in a not-for-profit setting. International students MUST consult the Dashew Center about special procedures required in order to work in the U.S. as a paid OR unpaid intern. Proof that you are earning academic credit can only be provided by the Registrar AFTER you meet with an Internship Coordinator and complete all enrollment paperwork. 


Internships outside Los Angeles County (including international internships) are possible during all quarters via phone meetings. Students planning to intern outside the LA area during fall/winter/spring should consult their academic counselor with any questions regarding full-time status and residency. Students planning to intern abroad should consult the Career Center about protocols.