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The Geometry research group at UCLA is represented by nine permanent faculty members and several postdocs and graduate students. It covers the areas of Riemannian geometry, complex manifolds, algebraic geometry, gauge theory, symplectic geometry, contact geometry, Teichmuller theory, and mirror symmetry.

There are significant interactions and overlap with the Topology Group, the Algebra Group, and the Analysis Group.  


Faculty Postdocs Graduate Students

Mario Bonk

David Gieseker

Robert Greene

Ko Honda

Gang Liu

Kefeng Liu

Ciprian Manolescu

Peter Petersen

Burt Totaro

Alex Austin

Omprokash Das

Sylvester Eriksson-Bique 

Sherry Gong

Mikhail Hlushchanka 

Wenhao Ou

Matthias Wink 


William Baker

Allen Boozer

Austin Christian

Haofei Fan

Jaiyin Guo

David Hemminger

Sangjin Lee

Ikshu Neithalath

Eric Primozic

Andrew Smith

For more information about the Geometry group, please contact their website