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The Algebra Group is a dynamic and lively research team, with scientific interests covering a broad area of mathematics from Algebraic Geometry, K-Theory, Quadratic Forms, Algebraic Groups, Geometric Representation Theory to Motives, Homotopy Theory, Homological Algebra and more abstract Category Theory. It also connects and interacts with several other groups of the Department, notably the Number Theory, Geometry, and Topology groups.  The Algebra Group also runs a weekly Algebra Seminar, meeting every Wednesday and some Fridays, with large attendance from graduate students, postdocs and permanent faculty.



Visiting Faculty Graduate Students

Paul Balmer

Richard Elman

David Gieseker

Alexander Merkurjev

Raphaël Rouquier

Burt Totaro



James Cameron

Stefano Filipazzi

Nicolle Gonzalez

Noah White

Siddharth Venkatesh

William Baker

Jeremy Brightbill

Kevin Carlson

Louis Esser

David Hemminger

​Dustan Levenstein

Andrew Smith

Laurent Vera

Alex Wertheim

​Benjamin West

John Zhang