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Our Donors

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, the Takesakis with a gift, and Dean of Physical Sciences Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay


We are pleased to thank and acknowledge our many supporters from July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018*

*Gifts of three digits and above made after June 30, 2018 will be appear in fall 2019. Does not include payments on existing pledges.


Seven Digits
Ms. Kyoko Takesaki and Professor Masamichi Takesaki
Six Digits
Miss Sierra S. Chen Mrs. Dorothy S. Curtis
Mrs. Helen D. Gamelin and Dr. Theodore W. Gamelin
Five Digits
Ms. Janet Braziel and Dr. Robert M. K. Lynn Mrs. Eva Hsieh and Mr. Ming Hsieh
Anonymous Mr. Pramod Atluri
Ms. Karen Solomon and Mr. Richard H. Solomon Mr. Richard H. Solomon
Four Digits
Mrs. Patricia A. McDonald and Mr. Tim McDonald Ms. Anna M. Zara and Mr. Bob English Dr. Ravi K. Dixit '09 and Ms. Geetanjali E. Deo
Mrs. Renata Salo and Dr. Dean Salo Mrs. Inna Landau and Mr. Felix P. Landau Mrs. Sakura Wells and Mr. Evan Wells
Ms. Shalini Jain and Mr. Vinny V. Jain Mrs. Renata S. Erlikhman '07 and Mr. Daniel Erlikhman Ms. Savina Rizova and Mr. Iulian Manolov
Mrs. Leticia Z. Perkins and Mr. Kele Perkins Ms. Gabriela Adler and Mr. Ervin Adler Mrs. Martha A. Arata and Mr. Allen A. Arata
Mrs. Sharla P. Boehm and Dr. Barry W. Boehm Ms. Rosette C. Cadry and Mr. Stephan M. Sperling Marsha Elkhunovich and Oleg Elkhunovich
Dr. Susie W. Hakansson Mrs. Virginia D. Hales and Dr. Alfred W. Hales Mrs. Mrudula Joshi and Mr. Prashant Joshi
Ms. Arlene D. Marechal and Dr. Nicholas J. Marechal Dr. Agnes Vasco-Wong and Dr. Greg Wong Mrs. Natalie W. Crawford
Mrs. Zsuzsanna Kovacs '09 Ms. Christina M. Liggett and Dr. Thomas M. Liggett Ms. Betty C. Tse and Dr. E. S. Tse
  Ms. Sandra L. Goldsmith and Dr. George H. Senge Mr. Noriyuki Sasaki
Mrs. Julie A. Schumacher and Dr. Scott Schumacher Ms. Susan P. Barsamian and Mr. William C. Romans Ms. Janet L. Galen and Dr. L. Scott Feiler
Ms. Tracy Liu and Mr. Shuh-Hai Wong Ms. Meredith E. Stiehm and Mr. Thomas E. Smuts Mr. Roman Milakin
Ms. Robin K. Patel '85 and Mr. Hamant J. Patel Ms. Jane P. Chang and Mr. Ming C. Weng Mrs. Amy Y. Jan and Mr. Phillip M. Cheng
Ms. Kristen C. Lewis and Mr. Owen Lewis Ms. Daria Montijo and Mr. Michael X. Montijo Mrs. Indira Banks and Mr. Jerel Banks
Ms. Anna Wong Barth and Mr. Donald S. Barth, Jr. Mrs. Patty R. Boyle Mrs. Rie Fukuoka and Mr. Ryutaro Kasuga
Mrs. Laura L. Kim and Dr. Terence C. Tao Ms. Elizabeth Ralston and Mr. Jim V. Ralston, Jr. Mrs. Kamala Aliyeva and Mr. Gursel R. Aliyev
Mrs. Hong Xu and Mr. William Ke Mrs. Hong Fan and Mr. Jianguo Tan Mrs. Dea Abruzzo and Mr. Matt Biel
Ms. Valentina Bolesova and Mr. George Y. Pradkin Mrs. Kate Han and Mr. David Han Ms. Susan Lam and Mr. Michael Lam
Ms. Katherine P. Layton Mrs. Sandy H. Lo and Dr. Roger S. Lo Dr. Rafail Ostrovsky
Ms. Eda U. Suh and Mr. John Sasaki Mr. Kenan G. Shahla Dr. Ellen Wesel and Dr. Richard D. Wesel
Mrs. Kerry A. Lyon Grossman and Mr. Andrew Grossman Mrs. Kathy M. Chan and Mr. Yeung K. Chan Ms. Judith P. Edwards and Professor Robert D. Edwards
Mrs. Eda R. Babbe '93 and Mr. David B. Babbe Dr. Andrea Bertozzi and Mr. Bradley A. Koetje Mrs. Brigitte M. Bren and Mr. Donald L. Bren
Mrs. Peggy D. Caballero and Mr. James B. Caballero Mrs. Christine L. Cravets and Mr. Matthew W. Cravets Mrs. Laurie E. Deer and Mr. Jonathan M. Deer
Dr. Alan Gillette Mrs. Tal Gordon and Mr. Daniel A. Gordon Mrs. Virginia I. Gregory
Dr. Cao Hong-Wilson and Dr. Brad L. Wilson Mrs. Lynn Jeffers and Mr. Andrew Jeffers Dr. Dongming Jiang and Dr. Zili Liu
Ms. Davida Milo and Mr. Richard E. Milo Mrs. Yasuko M. Morihara Ms. Gretchen Renshaw
Mrs. Dorothy W. Sakaida and Dr. Roy R. Sakaida Dr. Diane L. Schwartz Ms. Marilou G. Swallow and Mr. Cass Swallow
Dr. Marion C. Usselman and Mr. Steven W. Usselman Ms. Maria Wich-Vila and Mr. Larry Wasserman Mr. Aozhou Wu
Three Digits
Mr. Charles B. King, Jr. Mrs. Vladimira B. Doran and Dr. Andrei Doran Ms. Jasmine Zhou
Dr. Bao G. Nguyen Ms. Cindy Ke Mrs. Amy Weigand and Mr. Brant Weigand
Mr. Tyrone Callahan '93 and Dr. Suzanne E. Paulson Ms. Catherine Choi and Mr. Anoop Lohara Lilian Jensen-Tabibian and Dr. B. Sam Tabibian
Ms. Regina Adler and Mr. Michael S. Adler Ms. Navnidhee Batra and Mr. Bhrigu Celly Ms. Yukiko Takahashi and Mr. Jeff C. Chau
Ms. Kai-Ning Jan and Dr. Eric M. Cheng Ms. Doreen Dai Ms. Esther He
Ms. Honghang He and Mr. Peter Z. Qin Dr. So Young Kim and Mr. James S. Shin Ms. Chen Song and Mr. Bernard M. Lhert
Mrs. Irene P. Naygas and Mr. Dmitry Naygas Mrs. Angelina Shek and Dr. Eddie C. Shek Ms. Hong Tang and Dr. Quansheng Zhu
Ms. Xiaoling Zhang and Dr. Yunping Yang Mrs. Marina Riajenova and Dr. Alexei Buznikov Dr. Amy N. Cohen and Mr. Jonathan A. Cohen
Mrs. Gisela Friedman and Mr. Jeffrey E. Friedman Ms. Roberta S. Henderson and Mr. Thomas L. Henderson Ms. Hah S. Quan and Mr. Harvey Quan
Mr. Frederic K. Uno '94 and Ms. Cheri T. Uno Ms. Zhuangli Liang Ms. Yana Brez and Mr. Garik Khechoyan
Ms. Amoreena Lanzuela Ms. Sarah Ouchi and Mr. Vince Tsai Mr. Rosson M. Cain
Ms. Ghennet Mengstab and Mr. Chris A. Deering Ms. Danielle Gray Rabbi Sherre Z. Hirsch and Dr. Jeffrey A. Hirsch
Ms. Soyoung Jung and Mr. Eugene D. Lee Ms. Silla Lee and Mr. David A. Roth Ms. Paige Lowery
Mr. Milos Malis Ms. Yue Peng and Dr. Xiangdong W. Yang Ms. Luminita A. Vese
Dr. Elaine E. Batchlor and Mr. Lloyd E. Handler Ms. Ioana V. Bazavan Ms. Rennie K. Tang and Dr. Louis S. Bouchard
Ms. Chuhong Hu and Mr. Haoying Cai Ms. LinLin Zhang and Mr. Diancai Cai Dr. Leana Golubchik and Dr. Bill C. Cheng
Ms. Emily Lin and Mr. Phillip Cheung Ms. Joan C. Ennis and Dr. Christopher J. Ennis Ms. Katherine R. Mehl '04 and Mr. Jack Fasching '03
Mrs. Lindsey Garg and Dr. Neil K. Garg Konstantin Gaydev and Mihail Georev Mrs. Sapna Goel and Mr. Manish Saraswat
Ms. Andrea S. Goldman Ms. Inessa Grinberg and Mr. Doug G. Lichtman Dr. Huiying Li and Dr. Zhefeng Guo
Ms. Yoko Iida and Mr. Brian Hart Ms. Yvette Joffe and Mr. Paul B. Joffe Ms. Kyong Kave and Mr. Roger L. Kave
Dr. Afsaneh Malaekeh and Dr. Brian P. Lesage Ms. Jenny Li Dr. Michelle To and Dr. Roger Lim
Mr. Michael North Mr. Kelvin D. Okimoto Mrs. Ingileif Hallgrimsdottir and Lior Pachter
Ms. Preethi Palanivel and Mr. Jeysankar Ramakrishnan Dr. Steven Y. Pang Pragati Sahai and Mr. Amit Sahai
Ms. Bo Ra Won Mrs. Pansy L. Yang and Dr. Chih-Kong K. Yang Ms. Edina P. Yee and Mr. David Yee
Ms. Bekka Jackson Ms. Uma D. Allam and Mr. Madhu Kolla Ms. Tatiana K. Armbruster and Mr. Igor Krasin
Mr. Robert Baker Mr. Gordon H. Chen '86 and Mrs. Susan W. Chen Ms. Irene Chen
Dr. Kira Chow and Dr. David S. Liebeskind Ms. Cassy Clarke Mr. Kenneth L. Cockerill
Ms. Ann M. Cortez and Dr. Albert J. Cortez Ms. Brigitte M. Rolfe and Mr. Morteza Farshchi Ms. Indy Flore
Mr. Eric M. Fornaciari Ms. Lisa Fung Ms. Lucy M. Gaskill-Gaddis and Dr. Terry A. Gaddis
Ms. Dolores Garnett and Dr. John B. Garnett Ms. Gladys Happer Ms. Cheryl D. Harrelson
Ms. Rajanigandha Naik and Dr. Chandrashekhar Khare Dr. Shelley S. Kriegler and Mr. Sandy Kriegler Ms. Sesilia H. Song and Mr. Vincent E. Lee
Dr. Sarita Mallya and Dr. Sanjay M. Mallya Mr. David Mumford Ms. Olga Neumann and Dr. Maxim Neumann
Mr. Chi S. Ng Mr. Jeffrey R. Nuruki '03 and Mrs. Stephanie S. Nuruki Ms. Gina Ou-Yang
Mrs. Kay Saito Shafi and Mr. Sayed Y. Shafi Anand Shah Ms. Pensri C. Walsh and Mr. Jeffrey H. Walsh
Ms. Grace Wen and Mr. John C. Wang Dr. Youyu Xu Mr. Long Zhao
Dr. Melinda M. Balbirnie and Mr. Stephen Salko Dr. Alice A. Kuo Mr. Richard Luna
Mrs. Yael Marcus and Dr. Richard R. Marcus Mrs. I. Ponomrenko Ms. Jina Seo and Mr. Jim Tsan
Ms. Sela Azmon and Dr. Evan F. Fishbein Mr. David Benton Ms. Alla Savranskaia and Mr. Dana Berry
Dr. Tina V. Bilousova and Mr. Danylo Fakhrutdinov Ms. Suzanne Black Ms. Daytona Borders
Mrs. Laura Candelas and Mr. Victor Martell Ms. Uyen T. Dinh and Mr. Vu H. Cao Ms. Wah Chen '03 and Mr. Ed Renwick
Ms. Gilles Chiasson and Ms. Sherri Chiasson Ms. Dina Mayzlin and Mr. Aaron Cohen Mrs. Marissa Di Blasio and Mr. Dino Di Blasio
Ms. Inna Kleyman and Mr. Alex V. Epshtein Mrs. Margaret Fish and Mr. Matt Fish Ms. Shumin Guo and Mr. Joseph A. McGinn
Mrs. Jihyun Hong and Mr. Hansin Kim Ms. Hui-Ching Hsiao and Mr. Bradford Rowe Ms. Yi Qun Huang
Mrs. Sharon Jackson and Mr. Woodrow W. Jackson, III Ms. Antara Jaitly and Pratyoosh Jaitly Ms. Lilian M. Jensen
Jessamine Jin Ms. Mary Kallaher Ms. Visalakshi Kasi and Mr. Kalyana K. Mohan
Ms. Cathy Ke Dr. L. Robin Keller '76 and Dr. Henry M. Mc Millan Ms. Hayley Kleeman and Mr. Jeffrey T. Kleeman
Ms. Olivia Ku and Mr. Andy Ku Ms. Kelsey Lamb Ms. Julie Machock and Mr. Daniel Machock
Ms. Julie Mathew and Mr. Saji M. Mathew Mr. Moritz Meyer-Ter-vehn Ms. Patricia A. Nangle
Ms. Oginia O'Dell Mrs. Galina Podzemskay and Dr. Alexander Soibel Mr. Daniel Porter
Ms. Olga V. Radko and Dr. Dimitri Y. Shlyakhtenko Ms. Alison Ruikkie Ms. Lindsey Sepich
Mr. Sutton Shin Mr. Richemond Shin Mrs. Melody Smolkin and Dr. Darren Smolkin
Mrs. Gloria Soleimani and Mr. Benjamin Soleimani Mrs. Susan Stahl and Mr. Herb Stahl Mrs. Raquel M. Trejo and Mr. Ignacio Trejo
Ms. Jessica P. Wacht and Mr. Michael R. Wacht Mr. Eric Whitescarver Ms. Lan Zheng and Mr. Yu Zhao
Mrs. Cindy Wang Telanoff and Mr. Adam Telanoff Mrs. Talia Bokin '07 and Mr. Vadim Bokin Ms. Brenda W. Brown and Professor Robert F. Brown
Mrs. Veronica Neidleman and Dr. Lee Neidleman Mr. Daniel A. Weingart '90 and Ms. Karen S. Stillman Ms. Patricia M. Tan and Dr. Soo Tang Tan
Ms. Jeannie K. Barber-Choi and Dr. Paul H. Barber Ms. Meg W. Bossert and Mr. J. Michael Bossert Mrs. Yingling Cai and Dr. Ping Y. Huang
Dr. Jean B. Chan and Mr. Kenneth A. Ross Mr. William Y. Chen Mr. William E. Faragher
Dr. Sharon P. Gavin and Mr. Andy Gavin Ms. Ziliang Guo and Mr. Xiangrong Yang Mr. Adin Handler
Mr. Julian Handler Ms. Julie Haubner Mr. Sang H. Im
Mrs. Ji Won Kim and Mr. Moon Hyeon Kim Ms. Anamaria Munteanu Ms. Carrie E. Roth
Ms. Rebecca Scanlin Mr. John H. Tang Mrs. Leticia Vargas and Mr. Saul Vargas, Jr.
Mrs. Hilary Xiong and Mr. Michael Xiong Ms. Ruth E. Fleming-Stephens Ms. Donna J. Lim and Mr. Kee M. Lim
Mrs. Marilyn E. Asimow and Dr. Leonard A. Asimow Mrs. Glenda H. Baker and Dr. Kirby A. Baker Mr. Christopher H. Barry
Mrs. Leila Brown and Mr. David C. Brown Ms. Anton Buznikov Ms. Shirley Cho
Mr. Eddie Collins Mr. Marcus Collins Mrs. Christina T. Fagerstal and Mr. Dick H. Fagerstal
Mr. Joseph Fletcher, III Ms. Dana Goodman Mrs. Corinne P. Hawk and Mr. James J. Hawk
Dr. Rachel Yang '96 and Mr. Don X. Ho Dr. Yeumin C. Hong and Mr. Steve S. Lim Mr. Adam K. Hudes
Ms. Heather M. Louie and Mr. Jason A. Kaminsky Mr. Thomas A. King Mrs. Jennifer D. Koslu and Mr. Dogan Koslu
Ms. Ha Khai Song and Mr. Frank Lyu Alix Madigan Mrs. Mary F. Manaster and Mr. Alfred B. Manaster
Mr. Michael B. Mast Mr. James M. Murphy Ms. Robyn S. Raskin
Ms. Kusum Rawat and Dr. Pramud Rawat Mr. Rajeev R. Sharan '12 Ms. Tina Shaw and Mr. David L. Twomey
Dr. Bing Song Dr. Greg C. Steele Debra S. Surrell and Joseph T. Surrell
Mrs. Eugenia H. Tsao and Mr. Thomas R. Tsao Mr. Ziruo Wang Dr. Sibyll Catalan and Mr. Rodrigo E. Catalan
Mr. Samuel M. Lucero Mrs. Ni Kal S. Price and Mr. Brian C. Price Mrs. Lena C. Adishian '08 and Mr. Chris M. Adishian
Ms. Moonmoon Akmal and Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed Mrs. Surya G. Rallapalli and Mr. Krishnakumar Akella Dr. Joe A. Alanis
Dr. Ronald L. Allen Mrs. Melissa F. Alpers and Mr. Joel D. Alpers Ms. Angela Arredondo
Ms. Rosalin Azizi Dr. William J. Barnier Ms. Kris C. Beck and Mr. Daniel Beck
Mr. Michael Belostotski Ms. Esmeralda Nava and Mr. Agyeman Boateng Mrs. Carol Boice and Mr. Walter C. Boice
Mr. Peter K. Burke Ms. Janeen Caleo and Mr. Michael Caleo Mr. Ryan Cao
Mrs. Cindy Chamie and Dr. Karim Chamie Hsiaotan Chen Mrs. Xuqi Chen and Mr. Kewei Gong
Ms. Yongjie Fei and Mr. Kai Chen Mrs. Emily Y. Chien and Mr. Stephen Chien Dr. Junghoo Cho
Ms. Janet Choi and Mr. Roy Choi Sunghee Chun Mr. Phillip E. Dawkins
Ms. Susy Enenstein Ms. Irina Faiman Ms. Xin Fan and Mr. Antoni U. Hadi
Ms. Grace Fei Ms. June E. Ferbrache and Dr. Leonard H. Goldberg Mr. Lloyd L. Fields
Ms. Cristiane Rodrigues Da Costa and Mr. Matthias Flach Mr. Jay Goodfader Mr. Rajesh Govindarajan
Ms. Sharon Legesse and Mr. Robel Gugsa Yi Guo Ms. Cheryl C. G. Ha
Ms. Jiale He and Mr. Hongbo Xu Ms. Hattie He Ms. ChunYan He and Mr. Lijia Jin
Ms. Sirian Q. Wang and Dr. Jeffrey L. Hellrung, Jr. Ms. Leann K. Tice and Mr. Shane R. Hendrick Ms. Jessica Maria Herrera
Dr. Wendy W. Ho and Mr. Ivan Ho Ms. Nina Hong and Mr. Minghsun Liu Ms. Zheng Wen and Mr. Wei Huang
Ms. Vijayalakshmi Iyer and Mr. Padma Iyer Mrs. Irene Jai and Mr. Henry H. Jai Ms. Rui Jiang
Zhe Jing Mr. Chris Johnson Ms. Sungmi Jung and Mr. David P. Moon
Mr. Kitaek Kang Ms. Leah Katz Dr. Eugenia Khorosheva and Mr. Roman Tumaykin
Ms. Sohyun Kim and Mr. Daeshin Kim Mr. Hyun J. Kim Ms. Amy Kincaid and Mr. Liam O'Brien
Mrs. Karen M. King and Mr. Joseph V. King Ms. Deborah Komatsu and Mr. Robert S. Komatsu Ms. Tamar Koren
Ms. Ella Kulinsky and Mr. Lawrence Kulinsky Mr. Martin I. Kurgan Ms. Christine Lee and Mr. Garry South
Ms. Gina S. Li and Mr. Frank K. Li Ms. Wen Li Ms. Feng Li and Mr. Zhusheng Zhang
Mr. Samuel Lim '00 Ms. Jingshuang Liu Mr. Deling Liu
Ms. Christina Louie Mr. Bingfeng Lu Xiuling Ma
Ms. Tia Pulitzer and Mr. Nathan A. Mabry Ms. Alexandra J. Marmion and Dr. Mark Roosa Ms. Ilona Mincheva
Mr. Richard Miyazato Ms. Lanora J. Moon Ms. Laura Usselman and Mr. Vaughn Morrison
Mr. Dragos S. Munteanu '14 Mr. Takashi Oba Abimbola Ojo
Ms. Irene P. Dr. Jay H. Park Ms. Sandra Perez
Ajay Perumbeti Mr. Rasim I. Piri Dr. Ilya Y. Poberezhskiy
Mr. Calvin R. Portley '14 and Mrs. Navoda Portley Ms. Oryssia Prokopovitch Mrs. Lisa S. Ratchford and Mr. Shaun Q. Ratchford
Sydney Rivera-Gatins Mr. Yan Safransky Mrs. Charlene Samiley and Dr. Romanitchiko Samiley
Ms. Victoria K. Sanelli and Mr. Anthony Sanelli Dr. Mary E. Sehl Ms. Jennifer Shin
Mr. Minki Shin Ms. Janis H. Terada Ms. Kim Zeldin and Mr. Ruben Torres, Jr.
Mr. Thuan T. Tran Ms. Lili Y. Yen and Mr. Hong Tran Ms. Laurel Turner
Ms. Michele R. Van Gelderen Ms. Amy M. Vukovitz Mrs. Page Wang and Mr. Anthony C. Wang
Mrs. Elisabeth Ward and Mr. Tim Ward Dr. Eunice Wong Dr. Grace Xiao
Mr. Glenn T. Yamane Ms. Nataliya Yassinski Ms. Yumi Yoshida and Mr. Mark H. Yoshida
Ms. Nissi Y. Zhang and Mr. Eddie G. Zhou Ms. Ruixue Zhang Sida Zhao
Ms. Lili Zhou Ms. Liana Zhu Ms. Julia Zhu
Qian Zhu Mr. George Repchinski Ms. Chung S. An and Mr. Chong S. An
Ms. Jeya Nanadagopalan and Mr. Sri Balamanickam Mr. Luis A. Espinoza Ms. Charlene A. Etheridge
Ms. Helena J. Franchi Dr. Sheau-Ru C. Horng and Dr. Dei-In Tang Ms. Janet Shim and Mr. Taos A. Huskey
Mrs. Shyna S. Kim and Dr. Stanley I. Kim Ms. Connie La and Mr. Zheng Liu Dr. Kim M. Lau
Sana Sattar Mr. Adam D. Simms Mrs. Caline K. Smith and Mr. Jeremy S. Smith
Mr. Scott T. Sullivan Ping Ye and Mr. Weimin Zen Mrs. Sharon Avisar and Mr. Elon Avisar
Mr. James L. Bechter '88 and Mrs. Dian S. Bechter Mr. Avi D. Beinhacker Mr. Keith A. Betts
Ms. Carla M. Ferri-Blackmon and Mr. Amos R. Blackmon Dr. Michael A. Button Ms. Lily Chen
Christine Cho and Mr. Sean Purcell Mr. Alan Chung Mr. James E. Clemens, II
Mr. Douglas R. De Jesus Dr. June M. Donato and Dr. Richard E. Little Ms. Elizabeth M. Durst and Mr. Christopher J. Gilman
Ms. Beverly K. Falk Ms. Minji Zhu and Mr. Yuwei Fan Mr. Bernard H. Fliegelman
Ms. Sun Friedlander and Dr. Richard J. Friedlander Ms. Noopur Goel '16 Mr. Victor L. Ho
Ms. Debbie T. Hopp Ms. Supriya Sen and Mr. Munshi A. Hossain Mr. Linden Hsu
Mrs. Ellen B. Hurwitz and Mr. Mark D. Hurwitz Mrs. Sujata B. Kapai and Mr. Nikhil Jayaram Mrs. Haiyan Jiang and Mr. Yingge Tan
Mrs. Bigymol T. Thekkel and Mr. Babu Jose Ms. Jane Y. Kawasaki and Mr. Mitchell E. Kawasaki Mrs. Olympia A. Kechris and Dr. Alexander S. Kechris
Miss Hannah Kim Dr. Tijana Kostic Dr. Carol R. Kurz and Mr. David H. Senensieb
Ms. Roberta C. Lagomarsini and Mr. Peter C. Pumphrey Ms. Miriam F. Landesman and Dr. Edward M. Landesman Mr. Theodore B. Lee
Mr. Kevin Leung Ms. Carrie R. Levine and Mr. Richard S. Levine Mrs. Mengli Li and Dr. Xiaofan Li
Mrs. Lintong Li and Mr. Deqiang Zhang Ms. Beth N. Locker Dr. Diane Lowenthal and Dr. Bradley S. Moskowitz
Mr. Xiao Luo Mr. Matthew J. Musselman Dr. Susan M. Olson and Mr. Jami L. Olson
Mrs. Hope F. O'Neill Mrs. Jean W. Orr and Mr. Jon W. Orr Ms. Lily Ortega
Ms. Joan A. Payden Mr. Ramon I. Pereira Rico '90 Mr. Wilfred Pinto
Mrs. Deborah C. Rothschild and Professor Bruce L. Rothschild Mr. John P. Rozsa Mr. Russell S. Savio
Dr. Mary J. Scheuer and Dr. Ernest M. Scheuer Mr. Morgan K. Sheeran Ms. Rahila Simzar
Mr. Jackson P. Skaggs Dr. Ravipan I. Smith Norman Mrs. Rena S. Snyder and Mr. Theodore C. Snyder
Mr. Royce So Mrs. Leticia Strong and Dr. David M. Strong Ms. Lisa Swan and Mr. Christopher Swan
Mrs. Yanjie Xue and Mr. Yezheng Tao Mr. Matthew D. Vander Wilt Mrs. Phyllis Vandeventer and Mr. Gale E. Vandeventer
Xiang Wang Mr. Steven M. Weinman Ms. Luella M. Woo and Mr. James F. Woo
Mrs. Joan M. Wood and Mr. Gilbert Wood Ms. Yan Wu Mrs. Melissa Yang and Mr. Rupert Yang
Dr. Yao Yao Mr. Maury Zeff Ms. Yana Zilberman