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Monday, February 3, 2014

Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Center (URC)-Sciences sponsored newsletter summarizing funding opportunities for undergraduates involved in research in science, engineering and mathematics on the UCLA campus. Below are some deadlines for the 2014-2015 academic year. Please feel free to forward this email to your students and to other faculty in your departments.  Encourage your students to apply the scholarships and awards below.  More information can be found on the URC-Sciences web site: http://www.ugresearchsci.ucla.edu.  In particular we have created a new set of pages just for faculty. Visit our site and click on the ‘Faculty Resources’ tab for more information.


SAFETY POLICY:  Undergraduates in labs must complete all required safety trainings and show proof of training prior to receiving support from URC-Sciences. The "Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts" class is required for all students, volunteers, and staff in laboratories. Please see the EH&S training schedule for class dates and enrollment instructions.


DEADLINE:  Saturday, November 30, 2014 -  11:59pm

Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (URFP)

Do you have a great student?  This program is designed to fund research for freshmen, sophomores and juniors who are beginning research.  Students must enroll in a 99 or 199 during Winter and Spring 2015 and HC101A during Winter 2015.  Minimum GPA:  2.5.  Award:  $2000, split equally between Winter and Spring.  ~35 awards will be made.  The application is submitted online at: http://my.ucla.edu/directLink.aspx?featureID=136&surveyID=472.  For more information about eligibility and program components visit:  http://www.ugresearchsci.ucla.edu/urfp.htm


DEADLINE:  Monday, January 12, 2015 – 5pm

CARE Fellows & CARE Scholars Programs

Do you have a great student?  For students beginning research in the sciences.  Funded by the NIH’s Initiative to Maximize Student Diversity, the CARE Fellows program provides a $875 stipend for 70 hours of research.  10-20 awards per quarter at the CARE Fellows level.  This program is offered every quarter, with a deadline of Monday of 2nd week.  Students that successfully summarize their progress at the end of the program may be eligible to continue in the CARE Scholars Program, which proves $1500 for 120 hours of participation.  For more information about eligibility and program components visit: http://www.ugresearchsci.ucla.edu/care.htm



The Undergraduate Research Center has a variety of programs that support undergraduate to work full time during the summer. Deadlines range from February through March.  Please keep an eye out for the next Quarterly Newsletter which will highlight those opportunities.  Or encourage your undergraduate to visit our web site:  www.ugresearchsci.ucla.edu and click on the Research Scholarships link.  UCLA summer research opportunities include Amgen Scholars (Deadline February 2, 2015), and the CARE Science, Engineering & Math Summer Program (Deadline March 16, 2015), among others.



The URC-Sciences Travel Grant program – Reimburse your students up to $300 for attending and presenting at professional conferences.


The Elma Gonzalez Research Needs Award program – If your student’s project requires a specific purchase, but you lack the funds to purchase the item, have your student apply for a Research Needs Award.  We have enough funds for just one more award, and then this opportunity will end.


The UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal Did your 199 student submit a terrific thesis in June? If so, encourage them to submit their paper for publication in the UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal. 


Interested in taking on a NEW UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCHER for this year?  

Now is the time to submit your postings for the Student Research Program (SRP).  The SRP Deadline for Winter contracts is January 16, 2015.  We recommend submitting your positions at least 3 weeks before the deadline. For more information on posting undergraduate research positions visit: 





Dr. Tama Hasson

Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Research

Director, Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences


Adjunct Associate Professor, Integrative Biology & Physiology Department

2121 Life Science Bldg.

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1606

(310) 825-9277 - office

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