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HOWTO: Connecting to Sambamath


This article will show you how to connect to sambamath; which is the method by which Windows users can connect to their Unix home directory.

Start opening 'Computer' from the Start Menu. (Note that your Start Menu may appear differently than the one displayed.)

In the 'Computer' window, on the upper row of buttons locate and click on 'Map network drive'

In the dialog box that pops up, fill in the information as shown - replacing 'math-user' with your UCLA Mathnet username.

  • Make sure that both check boxes are checked.
    • Reconnect at logon
    • Connect using different credentials
  • Click 'Finish'

Then click 'Ok' to continue.

When you click finish, you should see another dialog box asking for your credentials, replace the credentials as shown, again with your UCLA Mathnet username(Note that the 'Domain' field may appear differently as it is machine dependent)

  • Fill in the the fields as indicated in the username field, be sure to include the '.\' (dot backslash) without the quotes:
    • First Field: math\your-mathnet-username
    • Second Field: your-windows-password

If this operation has any issue finishing, you may need to double check the credentials / drive mapping information that you have provided. Otherwise, in the 'Computer' window you will see that your drive has been successfully mapped and connected: