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UCLA REU Students Win Outstanding Presenter Award

UCLA students Ritvik Kharkar, Jessica Tran and Jason O'Neill win an Outstanding Presenter award at the poster session organized by the Mathematics Association of America at the Joint Math Meetings in Seattle, January 2016.  Kharkar and Tran spoke on their work from the summer applied math REU on analyzing course enrollment data from the Math Department.  PhD student Charlie Marshak and Asst. Adj. Prof. Michaela Rombach were the mentors for their project.  O'Neill's project was titled "On asymptotics and combinatorics of Tesler matrices in diagonal harmonics" and was supervised by Professor Igor Pak and postdoc Alejandro Morales. 


According to the MAA this was the largest student poster session that they have ever had.  The top 15% of posters in each subject area were selected for prizes.  Jessica Tran is a UC LEADS student and Ritvik Kharkar was supported by the California Research Training Program in Computational and Applied Mathematics (NSF DMS-1045536).

For more information on the UCLA REU Programs, please visit: https://www.mathprograms.org/db/programs/435