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UCLA Math Logicians Awarded 2009 Sacks Prize

Isaac Goldbring
Grigor Sargsyan

The Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) has awarded UCLA Mathematics Assistant Adjunct Professors Isaac Goldbring and Grigor Sargsyan the prestigious 2009 Sacks Prize for best dissertations in logic worldwide. For Goldbring’s thesis, “Nonstandard Methods in Lie Theory,” ASL notes that he applies model theory to a fundamental problem from topological group theory and that the main result replaces an incorrect proof in a widely cited paper from 1957 using totally new ideas. Sargsyan’s thesis, “A Tale of Hybrid Mice” is noted for having “uncountably many new ideas.” The work addresses a central conjecture of inner model theory, resolving it in settings that were previously completely beyond reach, and upending conventional wisdom on the strength of determinacy hypotheses. The annual Sacks Prize was established to honor Professor Gerald Sacks of MIT and Harvard for his unique contribution to mathematical logic, particularly as adviser to a large number of outstanding PhD students. Previous UCLA Math Sacks prize recipients include Professors Gregory Hjorth (1994), Itay Neeman (1996, joint) and Matthias Aschenbrenner (2001), and 2008 PhD Inessa Epstein (2008).

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